Michael Currie

Michael Currie
CEO, Fling
Many of my engagements include faith as a major component. This all has kept me involved in the sport and doing what I love most.

Michael Currie is founder and CEO of Fling, a drone services company based in Bangkok, Thailand. He’s a passionate advocate for the use of drones to improve urban living. He was data scientist and later Executive Director at OpenWorm, an Artificial Intelligence research group whose mission is to simulate the neural network of a nematode worm in a computer. Prior to this he was a software developer with clients and employers ranging from investment management firms to investment banks on Wall Street in New York. He is co-host and producer of the technology podcast Let’s Make The Future, which features entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the world.
Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Waterloo in 2007, and earned a Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2012. Michael grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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